High School Seniors

Regular sessions are only $29.00! Mix and match as many as you like.

Each session includes a minimum of 20 poses - For maximum variety most seniors choose 3-4 session.


Traditional portraits with stunning close-ups and soft lighting.


Trendy, Casual and fun! Visit the largest camera room in central Illinois. Hundreds of props and backgrounds available.

Sports & Hobbies

What keeps you busy? Sports, music, art? Whatever it is, whoever you are, this one's for you!

Nature Walk

It's just a walk in the park. Of course we'll stop by bridges, creeks and 100 year old trees along the way.

Hot Wheels

Cars, Trucks, Bikes and More! If it's got wheels, let's take it for a spin.

Street Scenes

Do you have attitude? Let's show it off downtown! Urban and edgy.

On Location

Yes. We travel. Farms, homes, and favorite places.

The Minis

The Minis are fun add on sessions and are $10.00 each with any regular session you book. They come with a minimum of 8 poses.

White Light

You'll love what white can do for you.

Silver Screen Black & White

Dramatic, high contrast images that have impact.

On The Playing Field

Where do you play?

Ya Gotta Have Friends!

True friends last a lifetime, so do our portraits!